Mentoring Horizontally, Vertically and 360°

Mentoring makes today’s warp-speed workplace possible. Without effective mentoring behaviors in place, companies will hire technically competent workers, who can communicate on line, but are at a loss with face-to-face encounters.

Companies have an obligation to their new-hires, current employees and most of all their shareholders to ensure their workplace environments support productivity and success. This obligation goes way beyond new hires filling out the required HR documents.  It goes way beyond new-hire-get-to-know-you- activities. It goes to core and crux of laying a foundation for both new and existing employees not just getting to know each other. It is the foundation for all employees to maximize their collective experiences and maximize their work outcomes.

Mentoring cultures go beyond the one-to-one pairing. True mentoring cultures ensure that all employees are active and have 360-degree-relationships within the workplace. Mentoring cultures build avenues of learning at all experience and seniority levels.

Mentoring culture development includes teaching all employees how to mentor each other effectively. Mentoring cultures provide opportunities for employees to share learning with each other. Companies who support mentoring cultures grow exponentially and profitably.

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