YOU know what you do, now how do you let your CUSTOMERS know?

When creating your product or service, you need to answer some basic yet key questions. What is your product or service? Who needs or wants it? Why do they need or want it? Where can they find it?

Once you have answered these questions and understand your business’s unique position relative to competitors, the next question you need to answer is how to tell your customers. We’ll start with online marketing.

First, do some basic research:

What are your competitors doing?
How do their customers find them?
What are your customers doing?
Do they use Instagram and Facebook, or do they read newspapers (yes, the low-tech kind that’s printed on paper)?
Do they spend time online or do they like to get out and about?

Most likely they do a combination of all of the above. The challenge for you is to determine the right mix for your target customers and your budget.

But there are so many choices! And can’t online marketing get expensive?

There are and it can! But there are just as many choices that are inexpensive — some are even free!

In the next several articles, we’ll look at some of your options and opportunities. Topics will include:

  • Your Website
  • Search Engine Listings – free
  • Social Media
  • Public Relations
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog
  • Networking
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